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Irish Red & White Setter Club of Canada

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On behalf of the members of the Irish Red and White Setter Club of Canada, we welcome you to this website.

Through this website, the IRWSCC provides information about the breed for those interested in these versatile, adaptable setters. If you are considering a Red & White for your family, here is a place to start (or to continue) your research. We encourage you to ask questions of any Club member. 

We hope you'll return often to the site because general information, contact names and addresses, and pedigree news are frequently updated. You'll find links to breeders who endorse the principles of the Club's constitution (also on this website) but conversation between prospective puppy owner and any breeder should focus on the all-important socialization of young Red & Whites. and their breed (and individual) characteristics.

A copy of the latest edition of the Club newsletter, "Tails of the Red and White", is available as a PDF file. Make your request to the President ( who can also send you, at your request, an attachment for our Club brochure.

These are indeed clever dogs that can sniff out a bird or a biscuit, excel at athletic pursuits such as flyball or agility, or simply stake out territory on a couch-- especially if there's a warm lap nearby. They make loyal, beautiful family companions.

Welcome to the world of the Irish Red and White Setter!

Best regards,

Mary Wagner
President, IRWSC of Canada



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