Irish Red & White Setter Club of Canada





Irish Red & White Setter Club of Canada

Tails of the Red 'n' White

The Irish Red and White Setter Club of Canada publishes a newsletter twice a year called "Tails of the Red 'n' White".  We welcome items of interest: stories, jokes, reminders, milestones.  Please forward newsletter items to Leslie Harrison  at    

Editor Leslie is accepting material for the Spring/Summer 2024 newsletter.

We accept advertising (Red 'n' White Promotion) and the funds collected will be used to defray the cost of publishing the newsletter.  Brief text announcements (no pictures) will be accepted without charge: litter announcement; new dog in the household; new titles; event notification.  Longer, descriptive promotions that are not event reports will be considered "advertising" and will cost the advertiser $5 for 1/2 page or $10 for full page.

We would be very pleased to include, at no cost, any notice or special memorial of the death of any of our beloved setters.  Text and photos are welcome.

Milestones is also free. New titles in conformation, performance, any venue, are to be noted. 

We also like to hear about any seminars you may have attended, or written submissions concerning other aspects of our breed or your dogs. We ask that you not makes these "brags" as those are advertising and should be paid for as such.  



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