Irish Red & White Setter Club of Canada





Irish Red & White Setter Club of Canada

Please change the date on the application above to reflect the current year, and send, with fees, to Teena Lafleur, Treasurer, cheques can be made out to the "Irish Red And White Setter Club Of Canada". 
 Please use the full words, as the bank requires it. 
If you are a renewing member for 2021, simply send your renewal fee to Treas. Teena Lafleur with a note to say who it's for.  

NEW***We also accept etransfer and PayPal. Send your digital renewal or membership to
Individual: $25.00
Family: $30.00
Foreign: $30.00 

Teena Lafleur

50 Lindel Crescent 

Welland, ON. 

L3C 3S3



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